Press Exposure


The Free Press, Gibbons/ Morinville- Aug 21th, 2018

Title: Haskap flavor will knock your socks off

Yearly Sturgeon County farm tour, 150+ people, leaning about their local farm scene. So happy Rosy Farms was asked to be a stop.


Fortsask Online-April 19th, 2018

Title: Ever tried a haskap berry? Local farmer brings new "superfood" to province

After talking at the Red Deer Eco- Conference, “City Slicker to Farmer Formula”, Andrew was asked to talk about the Alberta Haskap Industry.


Lecombe Online- March 25th, 2018

Title: Sturgeon County farmer hopes to unlock potential of haskap berries

The Free Press, Gibbons/ Morinville- Aug 8th, 2017

Title: Growing the Haskap Industry

First farm interview.Local paper wanted to learn what is a haskap and what is Rosy Farms up to?

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