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Our Philosophy

We care from the ground up, emphasizing the importance of good soil. 

Our philosophy is to connect you with our haskaps, like we reconnect our farm with nature. Not only do we use organic practices, we use advanced farming techniques to treat the soil like a complex organism, rather than "fertilizer in, food out".

76 acres of Alberta’s flattest.

Rosy Farms has taken weathered land, bought 2014, and transformed it back to highly productive soil. 

We work with the land, incorporating native plants and creating a multifaceted ecosystem, making Rosy Farms a unique operation and a first for haskaps. It is truly a beautiful place, to grow from and with.

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Onwards & Forwards.

We live in a fast paced, food safety, competitive market place, where our new industry needs to keep up.

We, at Rosy Farms, see the best way for haskaps to grow as an industry is to be at the forefront of it, even if that means we need to take the initial risk.

As amazing as the Canadian marketplace is for selling haskaps and creating products, we feel the need to establish relationships around the world, namely Japan. Currently we are recruiting clients, finding long term relationships for haskap farming stability.

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Andrew Rosychuk

Owner. Farmer. Boilermaker. Visionary.

It’s all fueled by a deep curiosity of how the environment works and how we work in it.

In 2005, while taking the Production Horticulture Diploma program at Olds College I started growing haskaps, on the family farm, making me Alberta’s first grower, just for fun 200 plants.

Experimenting, by planting sour cherries, currants, and haskaps. The deer loved the sour cherries, bugs loved the currants, I fell in love with haskaps.

I quickly realized though, that starting an orchard was going to take more than an education and a dream.


I dug my heels in, landed a job up in Fort McMurray and achieved my Canadian Red Seal welding and boilermaker trades tickets, make the finances of this dream come true.

All of my life experiences have culminated together in this love and passion for horticulture. Constructing from nothing, a haskap farm that will change the fruit industry in Canada. City Slicker turned farmer.

I am committed to change. The change of our industry. The change of our client's lives. The change of our health.


His trades and athletics have taught him leadership, accomplishment, team building, drive, dedication, accomplishment and defeat.

  • Founder of the Haskap Alberta Association

  • Board member of North 49 Fruit Corp.

  • 5 Ironman, 7 half Ironman (fastest Canadian 25- 28, 2011 Worlds), Countless marathons

  • 7,000+ hours in a Manageament role

  • 2012 Asst. Coach: Edmonton Harriers Club Track & Field Team


Our team

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Dr. Briana Lutz, ND

Infuses primary care with a natural focus to provide lasting sustainable change.

No stranger to the Alberta prairies, she appreciates Rosy Farms’ land reclamation, drawing parallels to the way she understands medicine. Her extensive medical training and love of phytochemistry make her the brains behind haskap nutrition for Rosy Farms.

As Andrew’s fiance, she is his unwavering support and unpaid weeding labor.

Roger Rosychuck

Roger Rosychuk

He was pulled out of retirement as CFO for the City of Edmonton to CFO of Rosy Farms, he knows what it takes to make a successful business.

His journey is full circle, growing  up on a farm before working in Edmonton, now coming back into farming.


Melanie Villeneuve - Nourished Design

Melanie Villeneuve

Graphic designer & brand strategist with a penchant for plant-based food, farming & all things local.

She joined the team in late 2017, bringing almost a decade of design experience to the table. Since then, she's become fast friends with Briana & Andrew making her an integral part of the growing Rosy Farms family.


Press Exposure


The Free Press, Gibbons/ Morinville- Aug 21th, 2018

Title: Haskap flavor will knock your socks off

Yearly Sturgeon County farm tour, 150+ people, leaning about their local farm scene. So happy Rosy Farms was asked to be a stop.


Fortsask Online-April 19th, 2018

Title: Ever tried a haskap berry? Local farmer brings new "superfood" to province

After talking at the Red Deer Eco- Conference, “City Slicker to Farmer Formula”, Andrew was asked to talk about the Alberta Haskap Industry.


Lecombe Online- March 25th, 2018

Title: Sturgeon County farmer hopes to unlock potential of haskap berries

The Free Press, Gibbons/ Morinville- Aug 8th, 2017

Title: Growing the Haskap Industry

First farm interview.Local paper wanted to learn what is a haskap and what is Rosy Farms up to?

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