Funds are needed for a Haskap Harvester

More details about the campaign to be released this summer, launching January 2018............

As our farms grows, we get closer to harvesting and so must our ambitions to build a processing chain. That means we need to buy even more equipment, a Haskap harvester.

Andrew, owner, spend this last winter travelling the prairies and the west coast, researching the best harvester for haskaps and seeing how other haskap farmers shake the fruit free, as well as how the west coast blueberries growers harvest. After touring the Pacific Agriculture show, best horticulture show in the west, and visiting three harvesting companies in BC and Oregon, he has chosen, the side row Littau harvester because it has an aggressive shaking head, fruit drop is kept to a minimum, the technology has barely changed in the last 10 year, making the 2011 medel a cost effective and versitile harvesting purchase.

What a haskap sees.

What a haskap sees.

Side Row Harvester

Side Row Harvester

Funding Rewards- Specifics to be decided

Grow your own Haskap (only the best and newest varieties) $50 estimated

  • Be the first to own these haskaps, Not yet released to the public, only wholesale. Two of the newest varieties of haskaps, shipped to your door. The fruit is twice the size of the old varieties, and harvested later, August. Be a part of the future. Shipped to  Can, USA, Europe.
  1. Boreal Beauty
  2. Boreal Beast
  3. Boreal Blizzard

Sticking Rosy Farms on Ya - $10 estimate

  • Custom Sticker you can place wherever you desire. Reminder of how important your food is to you. You are healthy.

Written on the Wall- $25 estimate

  • Your Full name will be written within our mural. A professional photographer will take an amazing photo of your name and sending you a high resolution digital shot. Choose your name wisely!

Pick till you turn purple- $25 estimate

  • All You Can Haskap- Pledge + 1, come out for 2 hours, Mid July 2018 Picking/ eating as much as you want.

Grow with a Plants- $35 estimate

  • Name a plant- 3 times per year and for 3 years you will receive an e-mail about our farm and a picture of your plant. 

Year 1- Before planting, 3 weeks after planting, mid seasons- might be some fruit

Year 2- Flowering, Growing, Fruit shot

Year 3- Flowering, Growing, Fruit shot

Purple for life- All you can pick for 4 years- $25 estimate

  • All You Can Haskap- Pledge + 1, come out for 2 hours, Mid July 2018 Picking/ eating as much as they want. 4 Years in a row

Juice, Liquor, Haskap Products- $? 

  • Joint venture with haskap product manufacturers. 

Haskap Banquet- $160 estimate

  • Come to the farm, professional chef, 100% of your meal will be with in 100Km. Sturgeon County Strong!

Private Banquette- $1000 estimate

  • As romantic as is gets, two seats, private chef, 3 course meal.