COMING SOON to Farmers Markets!

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The wait is finally over!
You can now taste & have your very own haskap berries!

Summer 2018 will be Rosy Farms' first year of promoting our haskap fruit, by conveniently selling at two local farmers markets:

Our friendly team will be educating on haskaps, our farm, and of course selling our fruit by the half basket. Brace your taste buds!

WHY farmers markets?

  • Connect people with our amazing fruit (expect a lot of samples)
  • Learn new business skills: sales, marketing and perfecting a hand-picked product
  • Opportunity to gab for hours about haskaps


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Rosy Farms has a dream of building community.  

We will be teaming up with two other local Alberta Haskap farmers, growing together to build our industry and to bring healthy food to you! Show up early we are expecting to sell out quickly.

Additionally, we will be collaborating with other market vendors to sell haskap products; pastries, cakes, cheese, and natural cosmetics to name a few. 
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Even though farmers market season is months away, business has taught Rosy Farms that success is all about the plan, plan, plan. We have booked the markets, insurance complete, health and safety trained accomplished, booth and marketing writing done, now just needing to print information materials and pick as many fresh haskaps as possible.