The Spring in Haskaps- 2018

Rosy Farms Haskap Flower

We are amazed to see how quickly the Rosy Farms Haskaps have grown! Just think, 17,000 haskap plants, each with 200 buds, that equals 3.4 million soon to be branches. Grow Grow Grow! 

Looking at fellow Albertan farms on social media, comparing 2017 to 2018, this year our spring was very late, 2-3 weeks to be exact. In southern Alberta this year there was a foot of snow at the end of April last year they were seeding their fields.

Of course for us true northerners, we had our classic blanket of snow. Quickly the almanac came true; hot dry spring, going from -15c to +15c in a week, snow gone, earth exposed getting hit by the provoking sun. Our haskaps, demanding growth, went from small buds to flowering with in 2 weeks.  See the photo comparison from April 30th, May 11th, May 19th..... Crazy!

Alberta Love.

Andrew, the owner of Rosy Farms, was flat out working in at Suncor Energy in Fort Mac Murray, only being able to be on the farm one day between April 1st and May 24th, all while the brown quickly turned to green. His winter planning came into action, from past experiences and research, he knew exactly when to apply the first applications of organic based fertilizers. Thanks to his Father, Roger, for holding down the farm, taking care of what was needed to be taken care of and getting ready for growth and fruit 2018. This year is going to be a ground breaking year!

crazy summer to come: farmers markets, U-pick, long table dinners, speaking at a hand full of events, and tours. Farm Life!