2018 the Winter Plan

Winter time is the best time for farming, Why!,  maybe its my city coming out, because winters are met with coffee shops, light hearted meetings, dream boards, post-it note play grounds, all met with realistic optimism. Crafting plans before the spring hits. Once the snow is gone, all hands on deck, it's field time! Pruning, inventory, coming the fields for mouse/ pest problems, machinery maintenance, sleep becomes over rated. 

This winter has been filled with SYSTEMATIZING, and organizing everyting.

Rosy Farms+Haskaps+forms+GAP

Field Tracking Plans- for GAP certification, Good Agriculture Practices. Creating spread sheets, to track what goes on in the farm. With measurements comes management

Grant Applications- always at the ready, in case an opportunity comes up. So far these are the rough applications, business coaching, feasibility studies, processing research, riparian area repair, processing construction, and Haskap Alberta Association research.

Plan, Plan Plan- processing plant research. Even though the preliminary research is over, and construction will not start until, earliest, fall 2019. It is important to know enough about the process to question every thing, all to get the best results.

Redo our Website- Ok before, now it has greatness. There comes a time when you realize your skills have capped out, needing to hire a professional. Making sure your desires and dreams as an entrepreneur are perfectly reflected in the digital world. Thank you Mel, Nourished Designs, your a master.

Working my Boilermaker Buns off- Slaving away up north to pay for Rosy Farms. Starting a farm from scratch is not cheap. So luck to be working for Suncor as a Execution Coordinator.


Haskap Alberta Association- ITS DONE!, our board is elected, first growers meeting is set, now to the hard part of organizing it all. Rosy farms is the proud founder of the association, cant say how great it is to have a unified growers voice, and a way to promote, educate fellow growers. 

Conference Season- hitting the farming information circuit. It is important to educate and network as much as possible, even it your don't have much time or money. Educations is key to operation evolution. The Pacific Agriculture show, Young Agrarians, Alberta Farm Fresh Conference and the Sour Cherry & Haskap Work shop. The last two Andrew helped organize. 

Writing- concluding on all the to-do Items that could not be tackled during the summer

Taking the advantage of free time. Doing our best to work on our business, not just with in it.