Sour Cherry & Haskap Workshop: Rosy Farms, A Growers Perspective.

Rosy Farms Haskap Fruit Presentation


Andrew presented his journey in becoming an Alberta Haskap Farmer, at the Sour Cherry & Haskap Workshop, on Feb 21st, 2018. 

The Journey in becoming Rosy Farms

  • Plan Plan Plan- What is needed in building a haskap farm Business plan.
  • Make Industry Contacts- Going from grower, to expert.
  • 6 steps need to go from produce to product.
  • Creating the Vision by design, How the farm was planned out.
    • Monoculture Initiative with Horticulture Design.
  • Orchard Monitoring
    • Water, PH plant sap sensor, Brix testing- fruit and leaves, Soil/ leaf tests.
  • Grants- Used and planning for.
  • Building your Team- who is needed, how to avoid product snake charmers.
  • Track Every Thing- What is needed for GAP, CFIA and potential customers.
  • Cost Per Plant- How much does it really cost per plant?
    • Start up Assets
    • Yearly Maintenance Expense
  • If I Was to do it Again- what would I do.
  • Haskap Alberta Association
  • 10 Acre Haskap Calculator
RosyFarm+ Haskap Presentation