2015: Farm planning


Winter is the greatest time ever for fruit farmers, also known as planning season. How ever 2015 was a mix of planning and working, Fort Mcmurry, 12.5 hour night shifts and foremen, mostly working 24 shifts on, 4 shifts off. Funniest job I ever had, working with a group of smart guys, that made work fun.

For the first time I enjoined going to work.

Writing the Rosy Farms business plan, with the coaching help of Micro Business Edmonton. Affording them through a grant program, utilizing a total of 4 grants, saving $22,000, the first year. 

The business plan broke down the numbers of how much it will cost to start an orchard, how to process the haskaps and most importantly who to sell too.

100 of hours spent planning, to save tens of thousands of dollars later.