2017: What we accomplished on Rosy Farms

As Soon as mother nature allowed us to get back into the fields, we were planting. This year was a lot easier then 2016, but it come with its challenges.


  1. Planted 7,240 more Haskaps, a mix of the new University of Saskatchewan varieties, Boreal Beauty, Boreal Blizzard and Boreal Beast.
  2. Mastering the art of Fruit Fertility, Haskaps respond very well to fertilizer. Applying a mix of fertigation and foliar. On average every 10 days we applied. Don't worry it is all organic based. 
  3. Maintenance, Never ending maintenance; pulling weeds, pruning, mowing, pulling more weeds.
  4. Construction, Install shed siding.
  5. Field Tour,  Educating 90 curious minds on the hakap fruit, owning and starting an orchard, industry opportunities and super food nutrition. Check out the Field tour blog for more information.
  6. Rest, The season is over all haskaps are tucked in for our northerly winter.