2014: Planting our roots!

Purchasing farm land in alberta

Purchasing the Land

I do not care what anyone says, spending money is not fun. Especially when it is your life savings. Taking the advice of a friend, "you need to spend money to make money", asking him if I could use his, he said no. As well pain staking effort was put into researching and developing the Rosy Farms, haskap orchard, business plan, theoretically proving the model.

In the search for the perfect land I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing. Hiring a good freind, to help out with buying the land. All I asked was for him to keep me involved through the whole discussion, even if they were legal jargon. It is good to know, who knows one day I could buy more land. The company name does state more than one farm: Rosy Farm""S"".

The negotiations went quickly, five days. Signing an initial contract on my smartphone. Still to this day, 2018, I have not met the previous farmers. Guess they wanted out of farming, not looking back.

Meeting with my Farm Credit Canada banker, then a lawyer, signing my life away, across a 40 page document.

Finally It was done, Rosy farms was bought, Future farm ready to be planted in the spring, 2016. One year, 2015, to reclaim the land,

It is nice, to have a home!

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